Category: Music

The forest monsters

A monster beast? An evil spirit woken too early?

/ 31.10.2011
шаляпин, гагино, фестивал

Chaliapin festival

The singing festival in Gagino

/ 09.08.2011

Drummer girls

There is a word most of us use no more than once in a year

/ 11.06.2011
пинта, сергиев посад

Pinta pub — no longer here

Glazed tile walls, echoey acoustics and its regulars on a Saturday night

/ 17.05.2011
Light In the Hole

Abramtsevo Museum night

The Khotkovo band Light In the Hole and a bird singing in tune

/ 15.05.2011

Meet the Sergiyev Posad orchestra

Quirky yet bold - meet the Sergiyev Posad municipal orchestra

/ 14.05.2011