Binaural mics are just the same as any other mics except for one thing – they tell what’s going on around you.

I use a set of stereo binaural mics located at both sides of the recordists’ head capturing the audio as close as possible to what we actually hear, not the relatively flat audio of a standard mic. That’s the trick and that is quite simple. Just wear your headphones while listening – and you are nearly there.

Most of the clips were made with MS-TFB-2 and SP-TFB-2 binaural mics from The Sound Professionals and CA-14  from Church Audio. The recorder is Edirol R-09 HR. A few sounds however are produced with Edirol built-in mics, and a few older ones – with an Olympus voice recorder, noted where applicable.

Again, please use headphones to get the stereo surround feel of binaural audio.

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