Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Klement’yevsky area

диана геворкян

My place sounds like this. Yuzhny

Local people speak about the local sounds

/ 21.11.2020

Set of Sounds № 7

An audio digest of new field recordings from Sergiyev Posad in Russia

/ 10.11.2020

Railroad maintenance works

Ordinary procedure sounding as if being a part of a horror movie

/ 02.08.2020

(Russian) Автосервисы и мойки

(Russian) Прощай, граффити «Мойка»!

/ 03.02.2020

Boiler house, Shkol’naya street

The sound of hissing is heard throughout the day across the streets

/ 01.12.2017

Parrot in a window cage

Songs from first floor window in Klementyevka, Sergiyev Posad

/ 12.08.2012


Almost in the heart of the industrial estate lies this quarter made up of only two five-storey houses - one is red and the other one is white

/ 10.08.2012