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Audio from listeners

Some new interesting recordings sent in recently

/ 08.01.2023

Abramtsevo Museum Night

There comes a day when museums stay open until late at night

/ 27.05.2017
абрамцево, лето

A summer question for you

Why don't we put our heads into a blooming wild rose shrub?

/ 11.06.2011
Light In the Hole

Abramtsevo Museum night

The Khotkovo band Light In the Hole and a bird singing in tune

/ 15.05.2011
жучки, лагерь

Guarded by mosquitos

Guarded by mosquitos. Охраняется комарами

/ 13.02.2011

May 2 – Dawn Chorus Day

Last years' dawn chorus recorded at the Abramtsevo estate

/ 03.05.2010

The cuckoo song

Let's move into spring with the cuckoo song

/ 28.02.2010