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Audio from listeners

Some new interesting recordings sent in recently

/ 08.01.2023
гена портной

Gena Portnoy: a tailor who sings

Street musician speaks about singing and sewing

/ 06.12.2020

(Russian) Набор звуков № 6

(Russian) Приложим ухо к земле — послушаем очередной дайджест звуков сайта

/ 14.06.2020

A concert with a little extra allowed

These concerts bringing the two unlikely spaces – a museum and a pub – together

/ 14.04.2020

Reggae sung in Uzbek

There are songs you'd like to put through Shazam straight away

/ 22.09.2019

Set of Sounds № 4

Translating tweeting into brawl, looking for the twin chimes tunes

/ 18.07.2019

Set of Sound № 3

An irregular series based on field recordings both archival and new

/ 13.06.2019