Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Semkhoz area

From Midnight Onward

Three-part audio series celebrating the longest nights of the year

/ 10.01.2021

Dubrava Muzyka

Jazz and more — four days of all kinds of music

/ 24.06.2017

Sound Map: Semkhoz

The locals speak of the sounds of their areas of Sergiyev Posad

/ 06.06.2011

Church bells, Semkhoz

St. Sergius Church bells recorded from two different locations

/ 30.01.2011

Cycling in the woods

Cyclists heading for the starting point for the race

/ 16.12.2010

Sound Map: Yuzhny, Klementiyevskiy

Sounds of Yuzhny and Klementiyevskiy area

/ 07.12.2010

Lazy sounds

Lazy sounds. Джаз под дубом

/ 22.09.2010