Last week I went to the Silver Rain radio in Moscow again with some field recordings at hand. Many were from Sergiyev Posad, and some were from further afield.

It was a live morning broadcast as we — the hosts Darya Gordeyeva and Anna Titova, me and the huge audience were listening to the binaural recordings, the ones that sound nearly three dimensional when listened through headphones.

It’s not that easy to say whether this particular quality hasn’t been affected by the studio compressors and the transmitter itself but the response is that it was ok at the listeners’ side.

Generally speaking, the audience’s response was the most inspiring thing about the time spent on air. It was just great getting messages from people in Omsk or say Nizhny Novgorod verbally sharing their cities sonic landscapes. And the greatest of all is the listeners’ willingness to send some real sounds in. And they did!

Here’s one of those sounds, and it’s just perfect!

The recordist Yekaterina Trotz from Moscow puts it this way —

— A Monday night at the dance school. People waiting for the classes to begin. White narrow corridor, photos of dance tutors are on the walls, diplomas and all sorts of cups are also there.
Students begin to gather, they change their clothes. There’s a creative magic going on behind the closed doors. Sasha Tronov and his experimental crew are busy making the dance routine for their end-of-term performance.
There are a few shouts heard, and one can only guess what kind choreography is brooding there. The whole impression is multiplied by some mechanism wheezing benind the white plaster slab wall!
Sasha asks me to shoot a piece of dance, and I come closer to record sounds and have a look at what they’ve done. Then back to the squeaky wall followed by the puzzled looks. It’s time for us to go through the doors to Anya, the dance tutor.

Thank you, Yekaterina!

And it’s just about time to remind that I’d be glad to post your sound recordings on this website. Also let me know if you would like to hear any sound from the town of Sergiyev Posad. I’ll do my best to find and post it )

You can listen to the broadcast here.

And here are the recordings played at this show

Irish pub ventilation system

A flute player at the Dvorets Kultury (Gagarin concert hall) underpass

Trees get covered in snow — a hard time for the gardeners and everyone walking outside

A sax player rehearsing at the Gagarin concert hall — music, road and rain

The Ottensen choir recorded in a church at one of Hamburg’s surrounding districts.

/ 25.05.2017

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