Microphone movements are ten recordings of pauses between songs made in a live performance.

The musicians move the stands, adjust its height, speak to еру technicians, switch on the instruments, whisper, clear their throats, say hello to the audience…

This is the sound of a stage off-season, of idle moments that should not require attention but something makes us listen to it closely.

The spirit of the performance lives in rustling, hum and clicks. Those instrumental sounds become self-sufficient. Slightesr touches, breathings, creaks, knocks make up an image where silence is louder than voice, and an awkward bewilderment beats the smartest trick.

  1. Microphone Movements
  2. Microphone Movements
  3. Microphone Movements
  4. Microphone Movements
  5. Microphone Movements
  6. Microphone Movements
  7. Microphone Movements
  8. Microphone Movements
  9. Microphone Movements
  10. Microphone Movements


01. We didn’t have the second singer. Sasha. Smiles. Switching on. Strings
02. Just a little more. A little bit once again. Thanks. Can you lift it a bit. Laughs
03. Applause
04. Something flies off. Coughs. Audience coughing
05. Hum
06. Cough. Switches the plug. The same again. Yes, sure. String
07. Scratches three times. Silence. Breathing
08. Switches on. Movement. Hello
09. Audience. Good evening
10. A long movement. A brief groan. A brief smile


/ 13.04.2017

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