There are places you can go with no particular reason but be sure to hear something interesting there. Parks are one of those places.

A few recordings from parks are brought together on this page — ranging from the small ones like Park Tchudes (The Wonder Park) or Skitskiye Prudy park neighbourhood in Sergiyev Posad to the magnificent Gorky Park in Moscow. All recordings except for the fishing reel and water splashes are binaural, so please do wear your headphones while listening to get the most of the life-like spacious feel of binaural audio.


The first warm days are here and the young people get together to play open air games, the ones that are popular in summer camps, at training courses or dating venues and elsewhere with participants still knowing little about each other.


Where’s the park, there’s the water. Fishing reel chatter and the whistling sound of a fishing line being thrown.


Here’s a strange scene. The young people in medieval clothings reenact an episode exposing some evil plan. They say they are making the film. Strong wind blemishes the 90 per cent of the recording — even with the fur protection on — so here’s the other ten.


The fountains are on. The hushed orchestra recording is heard, the water fall down with the hiss, and above all that — a kid’s car scratching over the asphalt.


Another engine — a carnival ride — sings a song in Japanese.


An elderly couple sits next to you on a bench. It wasn’t on purpose that you can overhear them talking to each other. Thank you, he says, you’ve brought me to a paradise. It was you own wish, she replies. Haven’t your back got cold, he asks on such a windy day.

/ 03.05.2017

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