Last week was busy but fun – got the major coverage in the media to-date, ranging from local to national plus being involved in international filmmaking. Is it really happening?

First, a sound recording of an all-night rain in Sergiyev Posad was used as a soundtrack in a filmpoem by Edinbugh-based Alastair Cook. ‘I Lost You’ is a heartfelt story based on the words of Guinevere Glasfurd-Brown and Alastair’s camerawork. This is the fourth filmpoem I was lucky to take part in, and Mr Cook’s work is invariably good.

It was a dream come true to get on the radio and tell the story of the Sergiyev Posad Sound map. At least I’ve tried to do it with the help of Alex Dubas and Marie Armas, the wonderful radio hosts at the Silver Rain radio – they did their best making me feel comfortable while there. But what is more important, I hope it was of some use for the listeners. Also, as far as I know it was the first time binaural recordings were ever transmitted over the airwaves in Russia.

It took some time for the local media to turn their heads towards sound recording. Thanks to the Kopeika newspaper it is now possible to bring the Sergiyev Posad sounds into printed media. Thank you Viktoria Orlova and Igor Borisov.

If you read in Russian, here’s the link to the story.

And finally, TVR or Radonje TV, a local station is airing A Live Sound, a series of short idents featuring sound recordings made for There are only a few so far, like factory hooter, or chimes, or an old creaking tree. Hopefully we’ll see and hear more.

/ 05.07.2012

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  1. Excellent media exposure. Well done!

  2. Many thanks Des. It would be nice to have those events allocated between the four seasons of the year but they came within one week and I’m just out of words now.

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