This rain has caused major disruption in some parts of Sergiyev Posad recently. We have had 12 hour-long power outage, then hot water stopped running and moreover, internet connection got really shaky. I can’t think of any equally devastating rain to happen in recent years. It has been pouring all night with some showers the day before. During the storm, I recorded two pieces, six hours from each other.

This is how it sounded at 9pm…

…and when the lights went off, at 3am…

…and finally, the longer recording made at 3 am

I love those sounds of hundreds of thousands of leaves flopping and hissing up there (listen at 5:15). It’s like waves surging over making you feel a part of nature, not the ceo of it.

Recorded September 11th, 2011 (CA-14 + STC-9000, A-B stereo)
Published September 15thnd, 2011.

/ 15.09.2011

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  1. Спасибо! Вы прям поэт.

    “Записано 11 сентября августа 2011 года (CA-14 + STC-9000, A-B stereo)”

    А так бывает?

  2. Спасибо и вам. “11 сентября августа” – да, с этим явно что-то было не так, все поправил.

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