This one is worth posting for this great photo alone (thanks to Alexander Bosenko). But the sound itself is pretty remarkable as well.

Do you remember this? Listen to the the final minutes of St. Sergius Sky – a three-day hot air ballooning festival in Sergiyev Posad. We went up to the roof of Posadsky (ex Zagorsk) hotel that evening in pursuit of better pictures of the show. Sonic-wise, it was a good spot as well.

The building to the left (a block of flats) and to the right (the Corporation hq’s) contributed to a lovely echo. Festival director Yuri Vronets counts down to the altogether glow when all the balloons fire up their burners in the dark – fantastic! Then a street racer dashes along the Krasnoi Armii avenue, the town’s thoroughfare. DSLR’s shutter sequence. Wow! The burners hiss.

The doll at the centre of the photo is Matryoshka, or Russian doll. The one you see has been designed for the festival and is bearing 12 coat of arms representig each and every corner of Sergiyev Posad region.

Recorded July 18th, 2009
Published March 19th, 2010 (3.5 mb).

/ 19.03.2010

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