Growing up as a perestroika kid I often used to run to this komissionka shop for Donald Duck bubble gum, three-coloured ball-point pens and Casio digital watches. Thing like that along with jeans and VHS players were the first dispatches of western economy brought into post-soviet Russia by dodgy profiteers or by those who went on international business trips. Later on this place in Vorobyovka area of Sergiyev Posad was used as a furniture shop, stood abandoned for a while and since 2010 it accommodates a local fair.

The fair also spans over the neighbouring ex-supermarket, and looks like a department store now offering (here goes the long list narrated by a lady with a loud-hailer outside) consumer goods, meat and fish, confectionery, jams, different sorts of honey, tea, olive oil, coffee, dried fruits, baking, hats, fur coats and warm overcoats, shoes, toys and childrens’s wear, knitted garments, blankets, pillows, plates and dishes, beauty products, perfume, silverware, porcelain, leather goods, gloves, bags, umbrellas, souvenirs, gifts…

Recorded March 18th, 2010
Published March 19th, 2010 (2.5 mb).

/ 19.03.2010