Car horns were heard throughout the day yesterday, not all the time but quite often. Oh yes, it’s the Low Sunday, the day when according to the old tradition many choose to marry. It is beleived to be the good day to tie the knot – but not in the following month of May when wedding becomes a big no-no. Again, according to the tradition.

No wonder it’s always noisy when it comes to wedding, but sometimes it is noisy in a pretty unusual way. I can think of two examples. First, hear the man playing the bayan (a button accordion) and a woman singing chastushkas (four-line folk rhymes) – both an out-of-date thing in urban areas today.

The next piece is the wedding I stumbled across later in the year in the Severny area in Sergiyev Posad. This is a small cafe at the ground floor of a block of flats. Lots of guests, the boys squabbling, a girl in a leopard pattern shirt announcing the male strip, obscene language and loud music. Not every wedding looks and sounds like this one but some do.

Recorded: Aug/Nov 2011 (MS-TFB-2/CA-14 omni+STC-9000)
Published April 22nd, 2012.

/ 22.04.2012

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  1. It’s many, many years since I’ve heard the term ‘Low Sunday.’ Thanks for resurrecting it for me … and thanks also for the wonderful atmosphere sounds.

  2. Thanks Des, I don’t hear this word too often either – probably once a year but the one of the main squares in Sergiyev Posad bears the same name. Nothing to do with the wedding ceremonies though.

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