It is winter, a pretty quiet time with no natural noises like buzzing, humming and bird singing around, so that sounds could travel much further now. And as they travel across the miles and miles in the freezing air they turn into something different on their way. Or is it just me who thinks of ships and docks listening to those distant trains’ horns on a winter night as they are passing by the station at the other side of the town? Recorded in Skobyanka area, Sergiyev Posad.

Recorded January 31st, 2010 (CA-14 omni)
Published February 4th, 2011.

/ 04.02.2011

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  1. So beautiful. Your recordings always have such a good sense of time and place. I can imagine these sounds keeping you company during nights of bad sleep.

  2. Thank you. This is one of the sounds I’ve grew up with – a kind of basic sound for me. And it is definitely better than sleeping pills, yes.

  3. Great recording, definitely reminiscent of a dock. I find it gently inspiring that you manage to realise that there is something special, in things that are so basic for you.

  4. Yes Peter – and who wouldn’t? Many thanks for your comment, it is inspiring too.

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