Голуби, которых кормят из окна хрущёвки. Вороны. Гул ЗОМЗа (Загорского оптико-механического завода) справа, автомобильная сигнализация слева — типичное утро Рабочего посёлка, одного из микрорайонов Сергиева Посада.

Напоминание: бинауральная запись, слушайте в наушниках
Записано 22 декабря 2010 года (SP-TFB-2)
Опубликовано 27 декабря 2010 года.

/ 27.12.2010

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  1. Lovely recording! So dramatic when the pigeons take off!

    I’m really enjoying these recordings of yours. Such a good thing to do. It’s also inspiring me to post some recordings on a site myself. The combination of photograph and recording works very well. A 360° moment in time and place, which can never be done with video. And of course all these locations are exotic to me because I don’t live there. I love the way that lisening to this kind of recording encourages me to listen to everything else around me so I start to get a sense of the ‘exotic’ in my own environment.

    I recorded some early morning birdsong from my window (I’ve got no wind protection yet so recording outdoors is a problem!) and on every recording, even on Sunday mornings, there are the distant trains. I’ve lived here for years and I NEVER hear the trains; I only hear them on the recordings. Now I’m just beginning to hear them ‘live’ again.

  2. Hello Paul, many thanks for the story — it is always nice to hear people saying something let’s say substantial not just a single-word comment. But a quick hello is also good!

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