Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Zvyozdotchka area

Modem-go-Round, Zvyozdotchka area

A cross between a dial up modem and a guitar solo

/ 17.09.2011
Light In the Hole

Strangers again

Strangers again. И снова "стренджерс"

/ 22.11.2010

WLD 2010: Searching for Silence

World Listening Day 2010: Searching for Silence

/ 20.07.2010

Black fields

Another seasonal sound here, burning grass whiz, crackle and hiss

/ 01.05.2010

Irish dancing in Sergiyev Posad

The jig is here - as well as reel and hornpipe

/ 17.03.2010

Happy New Year!

Grasshoppers on a very hot sunny summer afternoon

/ 31.12.2009

Zazyvala and her babooshka friend

Next to the railway station a barker is using a loud-hailer

/ 13.12.2009