Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Skobyanoy and Kirpichny area

Ostrovok – Skobyanka bridge

Recorded on the wooden bridge between Skobyanka and Ostrovok

/ 24.08.2011

Distant trains in the winter’s night

Or is it just me who thinks of ships and docks listening to those distant trains' horns?

/ 04.02.2011

Damp leaves

Crackling sounds of a damp leaf-covered yard

/ 19.12.2010

WLD 2010: Searching for Silence

World Listening Day 2010: Searching for Silence

/ 20.07.2010

Ringing up the curtain

Operated by the ticket-collector the old-fashioned buzzer

/ 09.05.2010

Spring is here

First sounds of spring, snow and icicles melt

/ 15.03.2010