Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Severny and PMK area

At the assembly point

Conscripts' friends at the assembly position

/ 26.05.2010

Frogs, north Sergiyev Posad

Frogs' duo heard one morning at the lake edged by the railway line and dachas

/ 21.05.2010

The magic box

Radonezhye TV studio lift

/ 12.05.2010

Loutch FC fans

Loutch FC supporters and their chants

/ 11.05.2010

Table tennis contest

Vocational school students taking part in the ping pong contest

/ 23.02.2010

The Old New Year

If love celebrations you should not miss the chance to celebrate the New Year twice

/ 13.01.2010

As seen on TV

As city officials say no to New Year celebrations, local TV station starts its own

/ 01.01.2010