Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Severny and PMK area

Korovka pond, November night

A place on the verge of the town, so lively in summer and so desolate now

/ 20.11.2011

Sound Map: Severny, PMK, Leskhoz

The locals speak of the sounds of their areas of Sergiyev Posad

/ 30.08.2011

Drummer girls

There is a word most of us use no more than once in a year

/ 11.06.2011

Nightingale singing

It looks like the birds have dropped the guard

/ 31.05.2011

The cup of Severny

Plastic cup on the snow

/ 04.04.2011

Lyoha, the sambo fighter

Lyoha is a sambo fighter from a town called Yuriev-Polskiy

/ 28.11.2010

Rock the ceiling!

Basketball players shaking the ceiling

/ 18.06.2010