Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Rabochiy area

Valovaya street soundwalk

Valovaya street soundwalk. Валовая улица, аудиопрогулка

/ 02.11.2010

The war is over

Quiet is the day when the council election wars are over

/ 11.10.2010

Pentagon babooshkas

Two old ladies chatting on a bench

/ 12.09.2010

Water pumps: hear while they are here

Many years before the office water coolers were invented, public water pumps served as a source of free water

/ 28.08.2010

The Bank

Sberbank banking hall

/ 23.06.2010

Control line model aircraft

Control line model aircraft. Кордовый самолет

/ 05.05.2010

Double wash

First the car wash, then the hair wash

/ 03.05.2010