Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Center

Lyudmila, the legendary host

The legendary host of all sorts of concerts and retro parties

/ 17.07.2010

Grill Bar, a Soviet Dream

It's not a greasy spoon - it's a museum in its own right

/ 01.06.2010

St. Sergius Sky

As all the balloons are firing up their burners in the dark

/ 19.03.2010

Indoor market

Also rather unexpectedly - chirping sparrows

/ 23.01.2010

Hist sync

An old gramophone at the local history museum

/ 17.01.2010

Horse carriage

Clattering hoofs, coachman's commands, voices and music

/ 10.01.2010

Christmas Day, Sergiyev Posad

Christmas Eve chimes and the bells ringing on the next day

/ 08.01.2010