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масленица, сергиев посад


Maslenitsa. Масленица

/ 08.03.2011

Waterfall, Kelarsky pond

Water running under the bridge at Kelarsky pond in central Sergiyev Posad

/ 22.11.2010

The would-be priests choir

The would-be priests choir. Хор будущих священников

/ 28.10.2010

Tidying up in the monastery

Tidying up in the monastery. Осенняя уборка в монастыре

/ 11.10.2010

At the monastery, in the rain

Have you ever been to the monastery in the rain?

/ 30.07.2010

WLD 2010: Searching for Silence

World Listening Day 2010: Searching for Silence

/ 20.07.2010