Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Center

Geese and ducks, Banniy Pond

The birds are reportedly nesting in the reed bed at the furthermost part of the reservoir

/ 02.09.2011
пинта, сергиев посад

Pinta pub — no longer here

Glazed tile walls, echoey acoustics and its regulars on a Saturday night

/ 17.05.2011

Meet the Sergiyev Posad orchestra

Quirky yet bold - meet the Sergiyev Posad municipal orchestra

/ 14.05.2011
пасха, сергиев посад, ферма

Easter night

Priests and parishioners, tourists and beggars

/ 26.04.2011
монастырь, сергиев посад

Marching through the monastery

This is the least likely to be heard in a monastery as one might suggest

/ 07.04.2011
лавра, сергиев посад

Beneath the monastery wall

There is a short path beneath the monastery' eastern wall

/ 03.04.2011