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дк гагарина, сергиев

Tuning chaos

The concert is about to begin

/ 06.12.2009

Strangers in the Night! Left, right!

Military signallers brass band performing a cold war hit at the hand to hand combat competition opening ceremony in Sergiyev Posad. Recorded May 17th, 2009. Published November 29th, 2009 (2.7 mb).

/ 29.11.2009

Gusli & hurdy-gurdy player

You may use this one at a quiz party asking friends which musical instrument is featured in this recording

/ 23.10.2009

Sweeping up leaves in Ferma

It is one of the most common sound images of the season

/ 23.10.2009

Open air art fair, Abramtsevo estate

It was rainy at first so setting up an open air art fair looked like a risky affair

/ 27.09.2009

Lesnoye Lake

(Russian) Звуки безлюдного дальнего берега

/ 01.01.0101