Category: Field recordings


When the Mayors sing

The first and yet the only politician in Sergiyev Posad to perform in public with an orchestra

/ 06.12.2009

Oguretz did it!

BMX rider named Oguretz did this stunt

/ 06.12.2009

Manure and peat in bags!

They come in an old squeaky lorry, the manure and peat traders

/ 06.12.2009

Блинной горы барабанщики

Три парня, одна девушка, ведро и кастрюля – вот и все, что требуется для отличного ансамбля

/ 06.12.2009
дк гагарина, сергиев

Tuning chaos

The concert is about to begin

/ 06.12.2009

Strangers in the Night! Left, right!

Military signallers brass band performing a cold war hit at the hand to hand combat competition opening ceremony in Sergiyev Posad. Recorded May 17th, 2009. Published November 29th, 2009 (2.7 mb).

/ 29.11.2009