Category: Machinery

Boiler house, Shkol’naya street

The sound of hissing is heard throughout the day across the streets

/ 01.12.2017

Park sounds

There are places you can go with no particular reason but be sure to hear something

/ 03.05.2017

Als die Musikdosen spielten

Recordings from the 1970's book of antique jukeboxes and vintage audio mechanisms

/ 31.12.2016

P-36, 1954 steam train

A steam blast from the past

/ 24.09.2015

Loose car bumper sounds

Loose bumper echoing the car stereo

/ 14.09.2012


Almost in the heart of the industrial estate lies this quarter made up of only two five-storey houses - one is red and the other one is white

/ 10.08.2012

Ghosts of the Olympics

Images of the 1980's Olympics are everywhere on the streets. How do they sound like?

/ 05.08.2012