There’s only a couple of months or even weeks when these locations become available – frozen water areas that could be reached by walking on ice that is thick enough. That’s what Alexey Kurashov did, walking with microphones across the ice-covered Lesnoye lake in Sergiyev Posad East.

Be careful! Even the strongest-looking ice may be fragile!

The first recording was taken 60 meters apart from the shore. The temperature felt like, Alexey says, around minus 5 centigrade outside.

The second one is of passing from one shore to another. Once there was a bridge, but it’s only a skeleton of a bridge that remains. It is much colder now, with minus 18 or so.

Thank you, Alexey! If any of our listeners have any recordings to share – be it mundane or quirky, new or archival, urban and rural – please let us know!

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/ 23.01.2021