Every town needs someone like Gena Portnoy, and we are lucky to have him. He could be spotted at the underpasses selling aprons and other useful household items he makes. He could talk for hours about fabrics and patterns, and the way it translates into his music. Often with a guitar by his side, he is good at improvising. There was a recording of him some time ago at oontz.ru, and now here’s a few songs performed by him but written by other people. This recording was made during an interview for the Vperyod newspaper: the video features music for a couple of minutes, and he speaks more in the audio recordings below.


More field recordings from Sergiyev Posad and its area are streamed 24 hours on oontz.ru/radio. You never know what plays next – join us!

Photo by Sergey Semen’kov

/ 06.12.2020