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Whatever we do, wherever we are, whatever happens — there are things that already happened and will continue without us, at this very moment.

Say, there is a bus ticket validator. Hanging somewhere on the wall at the terminus in the Skobyanoy area in South East Sergiyev Posad. Another year passes, and it still makes those clicking sounds.


компостер, сергиев

Yet, at the same time, in the village of Sharapovo, about ten kilometers away, the wind is blowing.



Later, abandoned and out of demand, as no one punches their tickets these days, it will be unscrewed from the wall of the store. This shabby yellow shop wall. Or stolen. It won’t be there, so to speak. But in the village of Sharapovo the wind is still strong — as ever before.

Here is a man shouting out trying to gain the attention of his friends living on the upper floors of a five-story building.

This is the Klementyevsky area, a five-story district in South West Sergiyev Posad. The sound comes up from the ground to the windows.

Here is another experiment, and again of the same city-wide scale, as we define the quietest and loudest neighbourhoods of Sergiyev Posad. The results could be also found on oontz.ru. Cycling through nearly thirty reference points, we compare its sound levels with the level of the motorway underpass, the noisiest place in the city. Accordingly, all sound levels at these points are measured in Motorways — or rather, in their fractions.

Here are the three quietest entries:

Gospital’naya Street (Sergiyev Posad South East): 0,48 Motorways
Gospitalnaya, Sergiyev Posad

Uyezdnaya Street (Sergiyev Posad North West): 0,46 Motorways

Uyezdnaya,Sergiyev Posad

And finally, Zubachyovo village (Sergiyev Posad North East): 0,48 Motorways


Once again, let’s listen to these sounds against the underpass.


The summer has passed, the fact hinted at by someone in the pedestrian underpass near Gagarin Hall in the city centre.

The bird chatter grows stronger in the trees near the Trinity-Sergius monastery, reaching its peak at about five o’clock in the evening, or somewhere around five to six or seven.

Or this one, it’s a hell of a sound: the railway tracks being repaired, not very far from that very motorway.

So much has happened lately, but the wind still roars in the village of Sharapovo.


More field recordings from Sergiyev Posad and its area are streamed 24 hours on oontz.ru/radio. You never know what plays next – join us!

Illustration: Diana Gevorkian
Music: Nctrnm

/ 10.11.2020

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