August 14, 2009 — this is the day when the domain name was registered, and the first sound entry here was the evening ambiance at the Abramtsevo Museum — jazz music, occasional voices, children screaming and laughter, smiths’ hammers and so on.

Eleven years of sonic adventures in a world densely populated with people who tend to watch! Hundreds of sound stories, voices of the local residents, talks for the blind, being broadcasted by the world’s biggest radio stations, making sound maps in Russia and beyond. These recordings were used by the musicians, stage and video are directors.

This website helped thousands of non-Russian-speaking listeners from different countries in their discovery Sergiyev Posad and Russia through sound, and, most importantly, it helped us to pay attention to ourselves.

But, as before, remains a hobby project from a town one hour away from Moscow. There are thousands of local sounds — from everyday to historical ones — on the archive waiting to be revealed.

On this day, let us present you the sound recently sent in by our friends:

  1. Кофе в 5.30 утра
  2. Мечеть «Кул-Шариф», Казань
  3. Пластиковая заградительная лента на ветру
  4. Соловьи у Западного объезда

We’d love to have your audio too!

Image: Michele Tardivo / Unsplash

/ 15.08.2020

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