Dmitry Zimin has sent in the sound recording from a place that hasn’t been featured on the Sergiyev Posad sound map yet. This one is from Pustoye Rozhdestvo which literally means Empty or Blank Christmas, a 17th century settlement with only one resident, according to the paper.

Dmitry writes that the bird in question distant voice reminds of a car alarm, and it could be heard in pauses between what sound pretty much like a nightingale.

The bird was flying by, so there was no time to have a closer look or take a picture. The only thing he could be sure of is that the bird was generally dark coloured having a fair-coloured neck. This definitely was a bird of prey, judging by the shape of her head and her arrow-shaped wings, suggesting that this one is of a falcon family.

Was it a Peregrine Falcon? Someone else?

Photo by almavanta/Pixabay

/ 16.05.2020

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