A good souvenir is to be found at any supermarket. In every city and every country it won’t cost a penny but it will bring so much more, revealing memories. In a week’s time, or a month later, back at home, every morning would start with this – strike a match, and it will ignite your imagination right away.

Strike a match, and there’s a path through the woods, with a paw-print on it, and it is so tempting to imagine a fox – not merely some cat – running through it. They call them lapeh here. Strike a match, and the storm would cast ashore algae and crabs, to the place where the locals dare to swim as soon as the water reaches 10 degrees. Strike a match to meet an old wiry man who emerges from the temple entrance. He pours a sort of jam right into you open palm, as anybody does here on the day of the full moon.

But there’s another easy-to-get souvenir – that is sound. Every mobile phone has a built-in recording function, and it could provide your imagination with some more vivid pictures than a built-in camera. We asked people to speak about the Recordings folder content of their phones.

/ 26.04.2020

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