These recordings were made in the Ptitsegrad area (pronounced Ptea-tseh-grAHd – that is Bird City in Russian) in the south-east of Sergiyev Posad. Apart from having an unusual name – due to the avicultural scientific institute where the new chicken breeds are introduced, this area is notable for a few other reasons as well.

There is a now defunct Orthodox spiritual school not yet fully restored, two big beautiful lakes, some examples of not-so-obvious urban architecture, and the chicken farm itself which unfortunately caught an extensive fire earlier this year. Yet, at the Ptitsegrad’s remote corner there is an island surrounded by a lake that needs to be recorded.

Summer’s day, Vifansky lake shore and the road leading to it

Summer’s day, Agricultural college inner yard

Summer’s day, Karierny lane

Summer’s day, Maslieva street

Summer’s day, Maslieva street woodyard

Summer’s day, chicken farm

Summer’s day, overlooking the Solovyinoye Lake

/ 04.11.2019

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