Miles and miles of empty tarmac road running through the woods, old dachas – small rural cottages and wooden suburban housing. The introvert’s paradise, as someone has called it, the new Sergiyev Posad highway, Zapadny, or Western Roundabout.

In a way, this is the farewell to the quiet quarter which once Kirovka and the neighbouring dachas was. Speedy highway will turn this nearly forgotten place into a generic city area, which will predictably get surrounded by houses and malls, and the hum will travel for hundreds miles passing through the protection boards. These boards by the way produce their own sound but it too will get drowned in an increasing omnipresent noise.

Soon it will be open for traffic, and everything is to change. But until then, it stands nearly empty, except for the odd taxis, excavators and lorries, and also the prying drivers eager to see the largest building site of the year.

/ 14.09.2019

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