Those 15 to 40 year olds with physical or mental disabilities have spent most of their lives indoors – with families, at boarding schools or psychiatric units. As a result, they know very little about our world, about us and our daily activities such as using public transport, doing shopping or talking to a friend.

But they have a mission for the year to come, or two or three – learning a trade. They
have to become a professional tailors, archivists, computer operators or shoemakers. But more importantly, they will have to learn how to live on their own. To do this, they attend special classes at college. Sitting behind the desk, they study our world and get ready for living there.

To help them to integrate into society, local college holds classes where students explore life from a theoretical perspective and then by making their first real steps into it.



An audio feature by Vladimir Kryuchev, Sergiyev Posad, Russia

/ 23.02.2019

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