Seagulls, once known as one of the most romantic birds, have moved to cities turning into scavengers.

Lovers met face to face at wrong time in wrong place to lose each other.

And, as one might expect, a dream role that is perfect when being watched from aside but not so cool when you get it.

In this new feature by Sergiyev Posad Sound Map we examine the idea of disenchantment — as something shiny turns gray, and something beautiful turns vulgar.

As told by: Yevgeniya Tanygina, Svetlana Lapteva, Alex Rdultowsky


Featured sounds:

Seagulls’ cry:

Grandfather clock:

Music (krackatoa — Black Wattle Walkabout):

Illustration by Diana Gevorkyan.

Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

/ 16.08.2018

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