Oksana Perevoznikova from Sergiyev Posad has shared a recording she made this summer at the foot of the Galdhøpiggen mountain in Norway.

Thousand of tiny icicles run into each other at a mountain lake with the distinctive sound, overridden by the gusts of wind. The Galdhøpiggen mountain is the highest peak among the Scandinavian Mountains, and is covered by ice and eternal snow.

And here is another sound sent in by Oksana. A reed organ at the Trinity Sergius monastery belfry in Sergiyev Posad. This seems to be the only reed organ in Sergiyev Posad.

A few interesting facts could be found at The Vinogradov priests and their relatives – a family webpage. Among other things, it tells us that this particular reed organ is still pretty much in use despite it is over 100 years old. It could be heard at the major church mixed choir rehearsals, with 75 singers participating.

Once it belonged to Mikhail Vinogradov – an orthodox priest, well-known spiritual composer, and grandgrandfather to Nikolay Ozerov, a famous Soviet sports commentator. There is a metal plaque and a portrait to commemorate its owner.

Please share you stories and sounds – you must have had a lot!

/ 26.07.2016

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