That wasn’t meant to be a pun and the reason I put these sounds side by side is their rough nature. First, the piles being driven at the constructon plant in Severny area in Sergiyev Posad (recorded with MS-TFB-2 microphones)

A man is breaking the road ice build up, Karl Marx Street (CA-14 omni).

The clank of the rasp files, hammers and metal-cutting saws recorded at the local technical school metal workshop (CA-14 omni microphones).

And finally, another metal-related sound – a train gathering speed at Sergiyev Posad railway station – the least tough sound of all (CA-14 omni again).

Recorded 19 April 2012 / 19 March 2012 / 21 May 2012 Published 2 August 2012.

/ 02.08.2012

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