Most of the time this place sounds like this.

But there are days when it’s totally different. Like this.

Or even like this.

This is the drummer duo I heard this V-Day in Sergiyev Posad. The boy and the girl are playing near the shop doors and the Krasnoy Armii (Red Army) avenue (we’ve heard its busy ambience in the first extract) acts as an impromptu footpath for the bypassers. This is the day when the major roads are blocked in favour of the processions, marching bands and the ordinary people walking freely.

Another major road, adjacent Karla Marksa street was also blocked on that day. Let’s take the rare chance to hear the place when it is unconventionally empty and quiet.

Проспект Красной Армии, Сергиев ПосадПроспект Красной Армии, Сергиев ПосадУлица Карла Маркса, Сергиев Посад

Recorded 9 May 2012 (MS-TFB-2)
Published 7 June 2012.

/ 06.06.2012

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