The place may look shabby but it is still complete in its own right. This is where I’ve been to latety, at a desolate uninhabited area between Skobyanka and Rabotchka, the two larger dwelling areas in Sergiyev Posad. It’s a transitional alley between the hand-built garage blocks and an industrial estate leading straight into a waste bin zone before the block of flats appear on the horizon.

This is where you would normally put on pace in order to avoid trouble but this time I paused. The surreal constant hum of the estate air conditioners, the burned down grass, the litter, the foul language, the poor graffiti, the hardened garage doors, the rough spirit, and the rattle of the plastic bottles thrown at the rubbish heap – it all goes together.

Recorded 21 April 2012 (MS-TFB-2)
Published 4 May 2012.

/ 04.05.2012

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  1. A great portrait of place. A mix between the natural and forgotten parts of the urban world. Love to hear more.

  2. Yes that would be great to go there once again, in June or July maybe as there’s a vast open space nearby with lots of grasshoppers forming a massive choir on hot summer days.

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