The Gagarin Cultural Palace is not only a concert hall but an educational centre too. This is the piano lesson recorded behind closed doors.

Another day, another time and here we are — in a dark and empty side hall connecting to the foyer. It’s about 9 pm, the play is over, and in this darkness you can hear the distant steps, the artists’ voices and a piano being transported off stage.

If you decide to leave the Palace and go outside through the foyers’ back door, you should press the intercom button first. And it will respond with a sound that reminds a cry of some exotic bird.

Recorded October 22nd 2011, January 30th, March 14th 2012 (CA-14 omni + STC-9000)
Published March 21st, 2012.

/ 21.03.2012

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  1. АААААА, какой же здоровский домофон! Спасибо большущее за звук!

  2. Надежда 22.03.2012 at 08:25

    Увлекательно. На сколько мы в окружающей жизни рассчитываем на зрение, а звуки проходят мимо; мы опускаем их как бы за ненадобностью.

  3. The sounds of the concert hall are so familiar, yet with a touch of the regionally exotic. Really great idea to record in and around there. But the intercom, an exotic bird or an extinct one? Great post.

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