I’m not really sure where I have recorded this. It could only be assumed that it was made in the vicinity of the Trinity-Sergius monastery in Sergiyev Posad whose bells sound clear and solemn as ever. You can’t mistake it for anything else.

Actually the folder name suggests the railway station but I don’t see how the sound could travel that far, for about mile and a half, unaltered. Another argument in favour of this is the stilness accompanied by the voice (0.18 – 0.28), one of the foreign languages I’m not able to discern that could be quite often heard by the these world-famous monastery walls.

Anyway, I need to make a New Year promise to myself to get more self-disciplined when it comes to arranging files and folders. Happy belated Christmas and have a good time in the year to come!

Recorded December 8th, 2010 (MS-TFB-2)
Published January 2nd, 2012

/ 02.01.2012

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