He is a floorball player, and he is quite emotional. You can hear his impassioned calls ranging from the joyful battle cries to the stinging rebukes aimed at his teammates. Despite being perceived as the softies hockey, floorball with its plastic light-weight perforated ball and plastic sticks can be really dramatic.

In Sergiyev Posad, Salyut sports ground offers its training facilities to the local floorballers as well as it does for the tennis, basketball or soccer players with the latter heard from the left at the second part of this recording made from the stands above. Please note the recording starts with a loud sound, so you may need to adjust the volume levels while listening.

Recorded September 9th, 2011 (CA-14 omni + STC-9000 / MS-TFB-2)
Published December 11th, 2011.

/ 11.12.2011

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  1. Wow!
    I almost got heart attack when I start this on high volume 🙂
    Nice “BIG” sound.

  2. It really means a lot if you say this one sounds nice and big – good to know that, thanks. Also, I made a note for those who may have the similar experience while listening. Now, I should look for some healing sounds of nature I think )

  3. Yes, Vladimir. This is a nice sounding recording. Probably because you do not cut much of the low frequency. It gives lot of “air” for the sound.
    But this recording start suddenly as I was standing near fireworks. On high volume without warning it was a “kick”.

    Russian nature sound?…Sounds lovely 🙂

  4. It all sounds pretty fierce out there on the court.
    One of my biggest sound recording regrets is going to a basketball game and not taking my recorder with me. You’ve managed to capture a lot of the sounds I enjoyed at the time, especially the echoes, the squeaking of the shoes, and of course the bouncing of the ball. All of them implying “action”.
    So listening to this is a reminder for me to always be prepared with a mic in my pocket! Nice one.

  5. Yes, the CA-14 omni mics may produce certain amount of bass and sometimes I need to cut the low frequencies off, but not this time. The second half of this recording, starting at 0.58 was captured with MS-TFB-2 which probably lack a bit of ‘airness’ but being an in-ear binuaral mics bring the feeling of being there to life. Many thanks for your comments.

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