It’s December, and by all means we are supposed to have some snow by now.
Alas, not this time!

It was one of those wet and muddy December days that I thought that some of the recordings made last winter will be of some use. I can vividly remember that night in 2010, about 9 pm, dark and cold, but not that cold that I didn’t make some recordings outside. Lots of snow. So, for those missing creaky, scratchy, squeaky sounds underfoot and sparkles all around – you can hear it right now.

These are the nine recordings of different types of snow and different sorts of movement in the snow. All of those recordings are under 30 seconds long.

Someone passing by:

I obviously had too much snow in my shoes:

Recorded January 31st, 2010 (CA-14 omni, A-B stereo)
Published December 9th, 2011.

/ 08.12.2011

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  1. I’ve found that footsteps in the snow sound much the same in every country. But I do have memories of footsteps in the snow in Russia and particularly in Moscow. I can remember walking in the snow in Red Square with the GUM department store on one side and Lenin’s tomb on the other side. I remember that, on my first visit, it all seemed rather surreal.

    But since I’ve got to know Russia and made Russian friends I’ve come to understand we are all one – snow is snow wherever you live!

    Spasibo Vladimir.

  2. Thank you Des, nice to know you have good memories of Russia.

  3. Lovely Vladimir, thanks for sharing with us who doesn’t seem to get any snow this christmas. I wish you a nice holiday withs some relaxing days to boost up your reserves before the new year.

    All the best,

  4. Hi Magnus, I hope you’ve got some snow by now too!

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