Someone asked me one day, what about recording an emotion, they said. Oh, let’s have a try.

First, is the sound of love. A four-seconds piece of conversation heard through a maternity hospital window, (Kirovka area, Sergiyev Posad) – do not dare to hear more. All we need here is the sound of goodbuy. It’s 9 pm, visitors are not allowed, she stays in with her baby, born or yet to be born, and he walks home in the wind, as you may hear.

Then, the sound of apathy. Or neglect. A weary sales woman is nibbling sunflower seeds behind the counter at the shabby grocery store (Vorobyovka, Sergiyev Posad). A common pastime for the many, not so common for a hard-working shop assistant.

And finally, a few giggles. The audience hold their breath as they watch the performance at the Teatralny Kovcheg, a local theatre in Rabochka, Sergiyev Posad. The actress is disappearing into a large box where presumably her cocktail dresses are stored – just to emerge from behind the curtain in the full splendour.

Recorded in 2010-2011 (CA-14 omni)
Published April 23rd, 2011.

/ 23.04.2011

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  1. Nice idea. With the interpretation of sounds being so subjective it’d be interesting to know how many different emotions are provoked in the various people listening to these clips.

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