This is quite an unusual recording. Stepping into the Moscow Theological Academy church on a summer evening, hearing the students sing Your Resurrection, O Christ our Saviour preceded by what I think is called suffrage (yours truly isn’t that good at these things getting to know the word just today).

Note the crackling of a flame from the wax candles placed in the tall candlesticks lamps here and there! This would probably be considered a flaw somewhere else, but this time it is pretty appropriate. And finally, let me remind you that the rule is to take your cap off when in Orthodox temple. Ok then – I’m holding the cap in my hand, and the recording is just stereo not binaural like the most of them are here.

Recorded July 10th, 2010 (CA-14, stereo)
Published October 28th, 2010.

Photo: Pokrovsky academic Church murals, Moscow Theological Academy, Trinity Sergius monastery, Sergiyev Posad, taken from the MTA website.

/ 28.10.2010

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  1. Я наконец-то послушала! Здорово!

  2. Спасибо, мне было важно узнать мнение об этой записи.

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