For decades it was the only department store in and around Sergiyev Posad, and I’m not talking about the relatively small outlets. This shopping centre was really huge for a town like Khotkovo, which is about 20 minutes drive from Sergiyev Posad. Now it’s not that impressive as it used to be but it’s got its own name though – Lyu-‘bee-miy – which is a sort of pun meaning beloved, and the one I like to visit. I walked across the 2nd floor of Lyubimiy one day – to discover nostalgia radio playing the music straight from the centre’s heyday, when Lyubimiy was the one and only. Early 1990s hits (obviously favoured by the ladies at the cash registers) were heard all across the sales area.

Recorded March 27th, 2010
Published May 3rd, 2010.

/ 03.05.2010

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