Прачечная «Стандарт чистоты» на улице Дружбы в северной части
Сергиева Посада. Птицы, пар и скрипучие ботинки.
Записано с улицы в 7 часов утра.

Записано 20 августа 2011 года (CA-14 + STC-9000)
Опубликовано 30 августа 2011 года.

/ 30.08.2011

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  1. There’s a sound that unites the world over — the hum of the laundromat. Nice recording; it gives a sense of the industrial world being on the verge of waking up for another day. It almost feels reassuring, this familiar hum.

  2. I’ve been thinking about the staple sounds of the modern day, and it’s like they all seem to have some sort of mechanical background — e.g. traffic, jet, air conditioners. Also, I like the moment captured in this recording — an early morning, a quiet street, no need to rush to work, enough time to plug a preamp, a nice walk ahead, etc. Thanks again!

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